viernes, 15 de octubre de 2010

The Bet 2d

That girl really knew how to kiss a guy. She was turning me absolutly crazy. All of that play mades my animal mind to get the leader role.I pushed her on the coach and lied over her holding her arms spreaded at each side while keeping on kissing her neck.
Her eyes, her mouth, her moans, her hips ...  were asking me for more. I opened each button of her blue jumpsuit one by one. I was trembling but, it's in my character, I hate hurries and love to enjoy each second of sex. What a nice shaped breast I found ¡¡ So beatiful, those pink nipples pointing to the ceiling. I turn crazy again. Licking, kissing each milimeter of that nice body while sliding the suit down at the same time that mi mouth was looking for new places to explore.
I was dressed only with my swim suit and she was rubbing on me over the clothes, realizing I was quite hot and she was getting me higher and higher. I was able to feel her hands looking for the cord that holds my swim suit at place. May be I could help her, but I was so concentrated in my own work that at this moment I din't care.
I finally get all her suit out finding a pretty girl in panties waiting for me. Started fingering her, while my hands, my tongue,  my lips were moving all around with no control. Only with that, I was almost to cum and had to keep a close selfcontrol. When my fingers made her cum, I had to put my mind in the pictures on the walls.I didn't want to cum even before getting nacked. So close I was, that I had to take her hand appart from my swimsuit.

Im sure she realized something was changing, Becouse until that moment, although I had never been with a girl like that, the things we were doing were not new for me. But now, she needs more, and those things she wanted, were "innovations" for me.
She took my hand and move away from her lips. Let me breath for a while, she said. She was at this moment the most sexy thing I've ever seen anywere anytime.
With that unkempt black hair, she looked at me with her deep blue eyes and a sweet smile, asking very softly .... This is your first time, isn't it? Oh my lord, is impossible to express how shy I felt and how difficult it was to answer yes. She told me later that she had realized it from the beggining becouse it looks as if I was avoiding her contact on my dick. It was true, I was, and I've writen the reason above.She was too hot for me.

After some sweet kisses we started being on the mood again. But, this time, she was the one leading all the stuff. She moved to my pants and took it off. Started to kiss my chest, gently, softly while I was getting more and more hypnotized by her hands and her lips. Slowly went down and started to lick between my legs, approaching more and more.I was completly abandoned to her, only able to gently stroke her hair. Until I felt her lips in my balls, licking and kissing.

Im sure she realized I was not going to last too long that way, becouse she fits all of mine in her mouth, and started a blow that I'll never forget, regardless how many years can pass. I came, it was an explosive cum, just a few minutes after she started. I felt as if I was exploding in her mouth that didn't stop until she realized I was in that stage that only clamps are felt.
Now, Im the one who needs to take a breath, I told while changing from lying to sitting on the coach. But I was so hot, she was so sexy, that my rest lastes only a minute, or even less. I wanted, I needed, to fuck that girl. It was at this moment more important than breathing for me.
Me, as a whole, needs her. Fortunately she was more experienced and had brought some condoms, otherwise we'd have a big problem becouse as she told me later, she'd not allow me to go farther wthout protection.
She slides the condom on my dick that was ready again (I was hungry of her) and sat slowly on it letting me penetrate her so slowly that I was turning crazy again. When it was all inside, and she started to move up and down, I realized why is people so fond of sex.
I wanted to feel her body completly, touching, kissing, even biting while moving with her. Her moans were making me so hot, that I started moving faster and harder stoling her the ruling role in that game.
Im a big guy, 6 feet tall and she was like a doll in my arms. Now, I was getting more and more selfconfident, as I was learning, I was taking the leading side of the game.
I've always thought that a man is not a pumping machine, and albeit it was my first time, I remembered that, and manage to move trying to pleasure her. Slow sometimes, fast and hard sometimes, always careing her with my lips and my hands. Until she came again shouting and moaning rummaging my hair and looking at me with a crazy gaze.
It rises me so much, that after some more strokes I came myself. We stayed tightly holded an unknown time, breathing together, still moving inside her from time to time. At that moment, I wanted to stay there for ever.

We finally lied  side by side in that coach that already is at my parents cottage. We did it a couple of times that night, and some more along the summer.
With her I learnt how to finger, how to lick a girl, how to hold myself for lasting more .... almost everything. My favorite summer, the one I learnt more about myself than ever. I never met that girl again after that magical summer, but I'll never forget her name, her voice, her eyes and her sweetness. My loving teacher, hope you're all right.

It can look as a tale, but it is not. As I told at the begining of this blog, all writen here is related to my real experiences.

viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

The bet

This is about my first time .........
I was around 15 or 16 years old, and as all guys of my age, it was a tragedy to remain virgin. I think I was so horny the whole time, I'd been able to boil a teapot without any fire.
It was summer holidays. During that time, my parents were fond of expending their holidays on long travels along Europe most times, and farther sometimes. That summer, I can remember they were anywere between France and Germany. My brother and me, prefer staying on our ussual holidays place. A nice town in the south with big beaches, good weather, nice surfing waves and our friends from former summers. My mother comes from a very familiar family ¡¡ haha. So when my parents bought our holidays house, my aunt and her husband bought the one beside it, so we become neighbours. Those houses were big cottages, two floors, private swiming pool, tennis court, etc, etc .... Albeit we were neighbours there was no view between both houses due to the trees and the pruned cypresses building the fence between us. My parents, as we become elder (around 15 years), decided to let us under my aunts care better than under a babysiter. We were at our own house, but with the fence gate between owr gardens opened. You can realize it was perfect for my brother and me, and of course for our friends. A whole month as unique owners of that house with the supervision of an aunt really busy with her own little babies and an unexperienced new nanny.
Days passed along between waves, pool and beach days. Following a condition from our aunt, we went all nights to her house for having dinner with them. There I realizad the nanny by the first time. A black, short haired girl, with light blue eyes, pale skin, not very tall. She, as I knew later was in her early twenties, working as nanny during summer and studying the rest of the year. A really sexy and nice shaped body was easy to guess at first sight. You all can know that, from that night, dinner time become of more interest for me ....
Between jokes and conversations I started a friendship relation with her. I knew that she was not in a relation, that she likes guys a lot and that during that summer she had found some "more than a friend" relations. Yes, we spoke about sex quite soon, may be becouse my brain at those times was difficult to be headed to another direction. I must say, that I've always have a very serious and balanced looking that has inspired confidence to people around me making them tell me things, they would tell nobody. By the way I have a very good self control that makes me look quite although Im burning. So, that girl told me, and told me ........
But she was elder than me, and girls (another thing I've learnt) are long more clever and fast minded than us, so, as I was told later, knew very soon what was happening inside me while she was so close.

One night, being alone, with the babies, watching a movie on the TV, with my aunts in the cinema, she sat beside me on the coach and slowly put a hand on my knee watching my eyes with a naughty smile. I was so surprised that I jumped and put "safe" distance between us. When I remember it today, the only thought that comes to my mind is.......... stupid guy ¡¡ She started joking at me and asked if I was afraid of her .... by the way,I was. But, it was known only by me, so I answered that it was hard for me to go on the mood with those little babies sleeping beside us, and that it would be different without them. No, she didn't tell me that she was going to carry the babbies to their bedroom. She didn't want to let them alone. it was her work and she was very serious about it. She replies me, that, next day, with my aunt at home, she had a free night. She bets I'd not dare to date her next night at my own house. By any means she knews how affraid I was, but what she didn't know is that I was even more horney. Then I accepted the bet and said OK.

The day runs normally, between friends and beach again. After dinner, I was with my brother at our house. We had managed that he would go to a friend's of us house for letting me alone and so he did. Good brother ¡¡
It was late when the door bell rings. It was SHE. Nicely dressed with that sexy face that was a mixture between a cat and a Disney movie girl. I  went to the gate and entered thge house with her to the dining room. I asked if she wants any drink, said yes and I went to the kitchen to look for any. Finally I was sitting afain beside her, but in another sofa, watching another movie on the TV, but at this time ... alone with her. It was hard to hold a conversation, but I din't manage to find the way to start what I wanted. Fortunatelly, Nature works quite well, becouse in a certain moment I found myself kissing her lips as if there was nothing else in the world but she. She was returning my kisses even deeper than me, runing from my lips to my neck and back again. So horny and so hard were those first kisses that some of them were hurting us. ...............

To be continued ........... Its too long for writing in just a shift

domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

Why this Blog?

The first thing I have to do here is to apologize for my English which is not my mother lenguage. But, I've decided to try on Shakespeare's Lenguage becouse I like and find fun and enjoyment using it.

Why this blog and why this title? The main reason is that I like answering questions on the adults sections of a couple of sites and I've found people really confused. At the same time, sometimes, any question suggested me a longer answer that didn't fit in the space suited for it on the site.

As those special questions need special answers, I'll post them here, without any reference to the asker or the site where the question was found.

As the title says, I've never feel shy around sex or sexual related things. I fortunatelly live with my gf, which thinks and lives in the same way than me.

Im an open minded guy educated at Western Europe in total sexual freedom.

About future posts, I'll write only about real experiences and or oppinions, no tales nor erotic stories.

Will post soon ¡¡